Maharat S.U.P.E.R Global British School of Egypt was originally a dream of its founder Mrs. Maha Arram, who was a sports champion at an early age, born in Upper Egypt, raised in international schools, with substantial participation in community service activities. Mrs. Arram’s dream was to establish a school that does not only offer academic educational services but to be a Sporting Artistic Technical School, in which world class education is blended with sportive activities in an environment that serves the community while embracing its authentic identity. Hence, the end product of this school will be skilled and ethical people who are empowered and capable of making positive differences as well as able to contribute to the wellbeing of mankind.
To convert the dream into a reality, Maharat S.U.P.E.R Global was established in the year 2004 in a rented venue. With a notable success and an increase in demand, the need arose to expand the capacity. Thus, the construction works of the new premises, which has been established to accommodate a maximum capacity of 700 students, started in the year 2009 and Maharat S.U.P.E.R Global British School of Egypt opened its doors to students from Foundation Stage (Kindergarten) till Yr. 9 in the year 2010.
In 2011, the Secondary Stage was opened and since then Maharat S.U.P.E.R Global British School of Egypt has been operating from Foundation Stage till Yr.12.

MSG implements its unique educational approach which:

  1. Develops S.U.P.E.R. characters (Sportive, Universal, Productive, Enlightened, Reformers) and active global citizens who are socially, physically and academically prepared to face the challenges of the outer world.
  2. Provides British International Education at the highest possible standards, as well as sportive, artistic, technical and moral education systems that are suitable for any child irrespective of the background or origin, at a tuition rate that is feasible in relation to these objectives.
  3.  Adopts the concept of “Global Wise Education” which recognizes individual needs, differences and abilities while fostering the moral and ethical values and traditions; leaving its lasting impact on our future aspired reformers.


MSG is accredited to implement the British Education Programs as offered by the three main providers, namely:

    •  Cambridge Assessment International Education (CIE)
    • Pearson
    • Oxford International AQA Examinations

The school implements the world-class British Education Programs for core subjects, in addition to the National subjects as stipulated by the Egyptian Ministry of Education as well as French as a Second
Language, throughout the years of study, which are divided into 4 main stages as follows:

    1.  The Foundation Stage
    2. The Primary Stage
    3. The Lower Secondary
    4. The Upper Secondary and Advanced Stage