Admission Process Overview:

MSGBIS accepts applications from students for enrollment in Pre-School to year 12 and follows the British Curriculum.

The main application process begins in January of each year prior to September entry. Parents interested in mid-year admission should contact the Admissions Office.

The deadline for submitting applications for September entry is 1st March of each year. Applications received after this date will be considered according to availability of places and will be put on a waiting list. The school will conduct age-based assessments for each applicant.

Parents are encouraged to visit the school via a pre-arranged appointment on a normal school day to gather information about the admissions process. Please contact the Admissions Office in this respect on mobile # 0102-8014-871

Acceptance Conditions:

All applications are evaluated on an individual basis, according to the following considerations:

  • First consideration is given to students who already have siblings registered in the school.

  • Second consideration is given to students with high academic ability and/or who apply from schools offering similar academic programmes.

  • Previous school records (if any).

  • Assessment/Admission tests.

  • Possible personal interview of the parents and the student with the Director or the relevant Stage Principal.

  • Space availability and the date when the application was first processed.

Application Process:

Step 1: An admission slip need to be completed and submitted to the Admissions Office either by email or by hard copy to our address (First District, Third Area, Building # 7, El Sheikh Zayed).  Or you may fill in the admission slip through the phone by contacting the Admissions Office on phone number 0102-8014-871 or the School on phone numbers 002-02-38512015/16/17.

Step 2: Following receiving the admission slip, a date will be set for attending an orientation concerning school policies and guidelines.  The orientation day is a wonderful opportunity to view the school, learn about the school system and meet the key personnel.

Step 3: A date will then be set for an age-based assessment/tests for each applicant and the following documentation needs to be submitted:

  • A Final Application Form.

  • 12 passport – size photos.

  • A certificate of good behaviour from the applicant’s previous school.

  • Academic report for the previous year of education (not required for Foundation Stage entry).

  • Copy of parents College Graduation Certificate.

  • Copy of parents ID Cards.

An assessment fee of Egyptian Pounds 500 must be settled on or before the date of the assessment.  The assessment fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee the offer of a place.

Applications and all required documentation need to be submitted to the Admissions Office by hard copy.  Admission will only be finalized after all relevant paperwork has been completed and received by the Admissions Office.

Please note that an invitation for an orientation and assessment does not guarantee the availability of places, and children may be placed on a waiting list until space becomes available.

Required admission documents for accepted students:

Following notification of acceptance to the parents and in order to reserve a place, the enrollment fee must be paid within seven days and the following documentation needs to be submitted:

  • A computerized child’s birth certificate or passport for non Egyptians.

  • 12 passport-size photos.

  • Official transfer request from previous school certified from Department of Education.

  • Enrollment Form from previous school certified from Department of Education.

  • Pass Form from previous school for the last academic year.

  • A certificate of completion for Arabic from the previous school year or an official exemption from the Ministry of Education.

  • Academic transcripts for all previous years for those applying for entry to years 9 to 12.

Other documentation may be requested if the need arises.


Admission Slip


Student Name:                                                                               Age as of 1st of Oct.:

Present School:                                                                               Present school year:

Year applied for:                                                                           Academic Year:

Parents Information                                  Father                                                 Mother



Mobile Number:                                                    

Home Number: