At our School we teach students to be responsible for their actions, even at very early age in accordance with the Positive Discipline approach.  Hence, students will face certain consequences for their actions which are meant to teach the student a life time value or skill and the art of finding solutions and problem solving.  The applied consequences are for both academic and behaviour misconduct.  The main attribute in applying consequences is to be related to the misconduct, reasonable and respectful.

Misconduct will be treated very seriously where consequences will be applied in accordance with students’ misconduct level.  Consequences related to behaviour misconduct will lead to charging students with behaviour points, where reaching certain number of points throughout the semester will lead to more severe consequences like internal or external suspension and /or other disciplinary actions by the School.

Class distraction or not bringing the books or required equipment or supplies will result in being deprived from attending the session and student may be directed to a special room/place to finish the class work on his/her own.  Bad language or violence will result in suspension whether in school or at home.

Possession of Prohibited Devices:

  • Mobile phones/ ipods /mp3 players/Ipads…etc are NOT allowed at ANY time inside the school premises.

  • In case of breaking the rule, the equipment will be confiscated and parents must contact the School to make possession-of-prohibited-devicesarrangements to pick up the device.

  • In case of repeating the violation, the device will be confiscated till the end of the term and on the 3rd violation the device will be confiscated till the end of School year.

  • The School accepts absolutely no responsibility for valuables which are lost or damaged.

In order to have self-control, I have to (T.A.S.C.S.):

(T)  Talk:  I need to talk and express my opinion / problem decently. I need to use the power of nice words.

(A) Avoid: I need to avoid using my hands or bad words and I need to think and use my brain instead.

(S) Say: I need to say “أعوذ بااله من الشيطان الرجيم”.

(C) Calm down: I need to calm down by counting from 1 to 10, taking deep breath and inhale and exhale slowly or simply walk away.

(S) Seek: I need to seek help from an adult who can help me solve the situation.