Students will start having compulsory exams in all the extra-curricular subjects in each term (sports, art, Quran and Islamiyat).  Students need to achieve a minimum of 60% in said subjects to be able to be promoted to next year. extra-curricular-subjects

The grade will consist of written assessments, oral assessments, practical exams, activities, course work as well as attendance.  Also, the grade will be affected by attending the associated extra-curricular activities (sports day, Quran competition, final production…etc).  Moreover, the level of participation in classes will count; where missing swimming classes or not bringing the equipment for example or not bringing the art supplies will affect the grade as well.

Achieving below the 60% will result in sitting for a summer make up exam in order to be promoted to next year.


In view of the School’s vision and mission, ALL students should attend all sports classes as well as all School events, activities, trips and camps as they are vital and crucial in leveraging our students’ school-activitiesmental, physical and social development.  Attendance is compulsory and not optional.

Absence from any school activities & events (like sports day, Quran competition, final production and alike) will result in a make-up activity in the summer and may result in not being promoted to next year.

Students are not allowed to hold parties within School day unless fully organized and coordinated through the class teacher and the Principal.


Students should bring their swimming equipment for their weekly class.  Not bringing the swimming equipment might result in immediate school suspension for that day where the student may not be swimming-classesallowed to continue the school day and parents may be contacted to pick up the student from school premises immediately.  Exception will be given only to students with certified medical report stating clearly the medical condition and recommending that student should not practise swimming for that specific lesson.