The curriculum model for the Foundation Stage, typically for learners aged 3 to 6 years, helps identify learners’ strengths and weaknesses and lays down the academic base for the upcoming stage by preparing learners for a smooth transition to Cambridge Primary Stage, which follows the British system, namely the Cambridge International Curriculumframe-pic_0040_layer-1-copy-35
The curriculum framework focusses on basic literacy and numeracy skills, teaching English, Math, French, Arabic, Religion and Art.
The curriculum is supported by:
– The Montessori approach (from 3 to 6 years) which is a multi-sensory approach with a special emphasis on independence, freedom of choice of activity from within a prescribed range of options as well as a constructive way of teaching where students learn the concepts via working with tangible, specialized educational materials rather than the traditional lecturing style.

– The Jolly Phonics/Song of Sounds programme which entails learning through fun activities involving physical movement, a story, a song and a project (for each learning objective) to accommodate all learning styles.

– Arabic is also delivered through fun activities as well as sensorial materials in order to accommodate for all learning styles. Moreover, an Islamiyat curriculum is incorporated to emphasize core ethical norms and values in specific sessions as well as Quran reciting.

– Art is incorporated in our daily activities and learning environment as it enriches the learning process and helps students to be more creative and allows self-exploration.

– Students in Foundation Stage practice swimming, karate and Archery weekly, which elevates their physical health and helps in brain development.frame-pic_0035_layer-1-copy-31

– The School applies the Positive Discipline Approach through certified educators from Positive Discipline Association, USA. The positive discipline program helps in building a character that is kind and firm with dignity and respect, resulting into creating mutually respectful relationships, helping children to feel the sense of belonging and significance, and building effective long-term relationships.

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