The School management has established the Human Development (HD) Department in April 2011 as a support unit for the students, the parents as well as the teachers.  The Human Development Department has a set of structured roles and responsibilities done in collaboration with the students and parents through the triangle system to assure transferring all the negative issues that may arise throughout their journey into positive learning experiences.

Some of the department roles and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Behaviour counselling for students, conducting meeting with parents to explore issues that is affecting the students in their school life whether academically or socially (for example: bullying, stress situations, friendship situations, stress due to social circumstances or family issues.)

  • Students’ behaviour monitoring.

  • Students’ academic and social advising.

  • Interest Assessment Programs.

  • Career counselling.

  • Handling communication between School and parents by supervising and following up on the “complaints/comments” box (CC Box), which serves as a mean of communication whereby complaints/comments are addressed and handled accordingly.

  • Applying the Positive Discipline Approach through certified educators from Positive Discipline Association, USA. The positive discipline program helps in building a character that is kind and firm with dignity and respect, resulting into creating mutually respectful relationships, helping children to feel the sense of belonging and significance, and building effective long-term relationships.

Basically, MSGBSE aim is to achieve full integration between the three sides of the triangle, namely the parents, the students and the school; in order to implement the Global Wise Education stipulated in our vision and mission. What we care about is achieving the same texture and quality both in the education phase as well as in our students’ social and emotional upbringing.2

In addition, the school has launched a Community Development Program, with a mission to empower our students to experience the world in order to learn from it and change it to the better.  The program was launched under the slogan “رب همة أحيت أمة” “May a mettle have revived a nation”.

The program is meant to promote community service and development as well as integrated social support according to age level. Students learn about giving, helping others, making differences in others’ lives and they are asked to give back/forward to the community through different projects and expand their view of themselves and the world.

For example, the focus of the program for students of Year 1 is to raise and develop their concern about their community and stimulate the idea of helping others and assisting the School community. For higher grades, it is extended to serving the outer community whether by offering learning assistance to others, organized charity services and doing social work with disabled citizens or hospitals and orphanages.