Our Philosophy:

At MSGBSE, our Students stand out for bein.



Sportive                    Universal                  Productive                Enlightened             Reformers


We believe in:

  • Recognizing students’ individual needs and providing them with opportunities that match their individual abilities and that would help them discover their interests and talents.

  • Promoting the welfare of students with special education needs by supporting them in attaining their full potential intellectually, physically and socially.

  • Fostering good citizenship by promoting positive behaviour, global awareness and cultural understanding.

  • Establishing strong home-school partnership and a three-way communication with the school, parents, and students in order to achieve the school mission.

  • Nurturing lifelong learners by reinforcing learning as a continuous lifelong process that extends beyond the school.

  • Engaging in efforts that ensure quality control and improvement in educational programs and professional practices.


Our Objectives:

  • Teach students to love learning to reach self development and seek success.

  • To develop students’ knowledge, skills, and attitude towards learning.

  • To encourage constructive use of leisure time and provide alternatives.

  • To encourage community services.

  • To increase student’s technology awareness and competency.

  • To enhance communication channels on an on-going basis between the students, teacher and parents/guardian.