Our Vision & Mission


“Equip our children to become future reformers and leaders through premium global educational programs along with integrated disciplinary programs and other activities, in addition to adequate training programs, and consultancy services.


“We are committed to providing global educational programs complemented by comprehensive mental, physical, technical and artistic programs, in addition to providing adequate trainings and school consultancy services”

The Vision of MSG is delivered through the actual application of its Mission through the implementation of its unique educational approach which:

  1. Develops S.U.P.E.R. characters (Sportive, Universal, Productive, Enlightened, Reformers) and active global citizens who are socially, physically and academically prepared to face the challenges of the outer world.

  1. Provides British International Education at the highest possible standards, as well as sportive, artistic, technical and moral education systems that are suitable for any child irrespective of the background or origin, at a tuition rate that is feasible in relation to these objectives.

  1. Adopts the concept of “Global Wise Education” which recognizes individual needs, differences and abilities while fostering the moral and ethical values and traditions; leaving its lasting impact on our future aspired reformers. It is worth noting that the “Global Wise Education” consists of seven educational pillars being…read more.