School Hours

  • School day starts at 07:30 am and ends at 03:30 pm.

  • Short days may be applied during assessment and revision weeks.hours

  • Any changes in school hours will be announced in advance.

  • Staying after school hours is not allowed and school holds no responsibility as to the supervision of students after 04:00 pm in long days and 02:00 pm in short days.
    Hence, parents should ensure coming on time to pick up their kids.

  • Students attending afternoon activities should be accompanied by their parents at all times where the school holds no responsibility whatsoever on students staying after the above mentioned specified time.

  • Staying after 04:00 pm in long days and 02:00 pm in short days will entail charging an hourly “after school supervision fee”.


  • Students should come to school on time.

  • Any student coming after the set time will be deprived from the first lesson.

  • The reoccurrence of coming in late (more than 3 times per term) will result in not being admitted to school premises or classes.cloock

  • In case of coming after 9:00 a.m., the student will not be allowed to the school premises.

  • Coming in late or early leave should be pre-authorized from School management.

  • In case of arriving late, parents should wait to check if the student will be permitted to school or not and should not just drop off the student at the gate and leave.


  • attendance-policySchool attendance policy (based on Cambridge policy) stipulates that students’ absence should not exceed 15% of total working days.

  • Exceeding the specified percentage will entail serious consequences to the extent of not being allowed to exams.