School Uniform & Dress Code

  • Students must wear the school uniform at all times including exams period and till the last day of exams.

  • Changing to out of uniform in school premises is not allowed.uniform

  • Please note that it is School’s policy to change the uniform every 3 to 5 years.

  • In case the School does not provide heavy coats, students should wear either plain blue or black coats only.

  • Students should label all their belongings to avoid being misplaced or lost.

  • In case of coming in out of uniform, the student will take one warning and on the second time the student will NOT be allowed to attend the classes.

  • Dates of the “Uniform change-over period”, from summer to winter uniform or vice versa, are indicated on the School calendar.


  • Uniform must be clean and in good form.

  • Students must come in plain black or white or dark blue shoes.

  • Veils must be plain white or navy blue only.dress-code

  • Nails should always be trimmed.

  • Boys must keep their hair short, clean, and combed at all times.

  • Girls must have their hair combed, clean, and tied at all times.

  • Swimming suits for girls should be plain black with black leggings & white hair cap.

  • Swimming suits for boys should be plain black or blue.

  • Jeans, caps, accessories, and any out of uniform items are not allowed.

  • Sandals, slip on shoes, or football shoes with clogs, are not allowed in school.

  • Jewelry is not allowed except for rubber watches and small ear studs for girls.

  • Make-up, nail polish, and dyed hair are prohibited