Special Areas Policy

When I am at the lab or in the library, I have to:

  • Respect School property and be responsible for the condition of all equipment.

  • Keep quiet so as not to disturb others.lab

  • If I need to borrow books, I will seek assistance from the librarian.

  • Be responsible for my behaviour when using ICT and the Internet. Not to use School Internet to play games, listen to online music, watch videos or for social networking.

  • Not to use the ICT or science labs without the consent of the lab personnel.

  • Must not access or attempt to access other people’s files.library

  • Must inform the ICT staff whenever a breach of security is suspected and must immediately report any misuse of computers or unpleasant material or messages.

  • Must not copy information into assignments without acknowledging the source, because of plagiarism and copyright infringement.

  • Not to link my personal flash memory to the School’s computers

While in class, I have to:

  • Keep the classroom clean, neat and tidy by keeping everything in its appropriate place.

  • Sit properly and pay good attention.untitled

  • Follow the teacher’s instructions.

  • Always keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself.

  • Respect everyone and everything around me.

  • Raise my hand to speak.

  • One person talks at a time to allow for listening and understanding by others.

  • Accomplishing and presenting Homework on time.

  • Be prepared with required books, material, all appropriate stationary and supplies at my desk.

  • Remember to write my name and date on the work I am doing.

  • Give my peers the chance to learn by keeping quiet.

  • Give myself the chance to understand by listening and thinking before I decide to speak.

When I am at the playground, I have to:

  • Use appropriate language at all times and be considerate of others feelings. Use “POSITIVE TALK”.

  • AVOID BULLYING … I should keep my hands, feet and objects to myself. Fighting, hitting, wrestling, pushing or play fighting is not allowed.  playground

  • No games will be closed. SHARE PLAYING.

  • NO LITTERING…Throwing objects and litter in the playground is prohibited.

  • Personal items and toys are not permitted at school.

  • Remain in the designated playground area during break time. I should never leave the playground area without permission from a supervising adult.

  • Avoid playing in areas out of sight of the Playground Supervisors.

  • Listen for any whistle being blown. When I hear a whistle I should stop and pay attention.

  • Stop playing when the bell rings and walk gently to the lineup.

  • Tell break supervisors right away of any problem that happens at break time.

  • Use common sense and follow the school rules.

  • Show respect to all adults, other students, the environment and all property. Absolutely no arguing with an adult (hand/facial gestures included) is allowed.

  • Be courteous and a good sport. Be responsible and monitor my own behaviour.

  • Take responsibility for my actions. If I make a mistake, I need to own it & change the behaviour the next time.

  • Break time is for eating, praying, and playing with friends.