Extra curricular subjects (sports, art and Islamiyat) are an integral part of our students learning process and empower students to become global citizens.

In view of our vision and mission, elevating physical education is a core element in building a balanced, successful and responsible personality.

Our aim is to create awareness for the main sports stipulated in our “SUNNA” being Swimming, Archery and Horse-back riding in addition to Karate and Fencing.
Our students receive basic training sessions from early years in the foundation stage and up to more advanced training in the following years via qualified trainers in their field.

We are passionate about art and providing students with opportunities to explore and enhance their creativity. Students use variety of materials to express themselves and make some fabulous creations.
They learn art both in a structured format; learning about different drawing styles as well as arts and crafts in the art workshop.

In line with our vision and mission to enrich core ethical norms and values in order to achieve balanced personalities, which combine both academic and social excellence, we target to elevate Islamic education via the following:

  • Character building sessions that involve a value, a moral, or a principle. This is taught as per a set syllabus and enhanced by stories from the Quran, the prophet (PBUH) as well as the Sahabah and in line with the Egyptian Ministry of Education syllabus.
  • Quran reciting, memorizing and revision sessions.

The Human Development Department helps students to lead a successful school life. This Department operates in collaboration with the students and parents to assure transferring all the negative issues that may arise into positive learning experiences. The department’s aim is pursuing continuous development with respect to School system, students upbringing and wellbeing (both socially and psychologically) as well as parents, thus contributing to the empowered, skilled and ethical individuals pursued and aspired by Maharat S.U.P.E.R Global School.

The school has a Community Development Program embedded within the school system. Our mission is to empower our students to experience the world in order to learn from it and change it to the better.

The program is meant to promote community service and development as well as integrated social support according to age level.

Students learn about giving, helping others, making differences in others’ lives and
they are asked to give back/forward to the community through different projects and expand their view of themselves and the world.
The focus of the program is to raise and develop students’ concern about their community and stimulate the idea of helping others and assisting the School community as well as serving the outer community (by offering learning assistance to others, organized charity services, doing social work with disabled citizens or hospitals and orphanages…etc.).