Students Responsibilities


As a student, I have to …!!!commitment

  • Attend the daily Morning Assembly at 7:45 am.

  • Respect School uniform and dress code.

  • Attend all Sports classes and School events.

  • Bring my swimming and/or sports equipment for my swimming and/or sports class.

  • Perform Prayers at stipulated times.

  • Speak in English all day long except for lessons not using English as the language of tuition.

  • Speak politely in a low voice tone and show respect to other students, teachers and staff.

  • Not to chew gum in School under any circumstances.

  • Never approach the swimming pool or sports equipment without the trainer.

  • Not to cause damage to School property. Writing on walls, furniture or any damage is prohibited.

  • Not to bring any electronics to School (mobiles, notebooks, …etc)

  • All my belongings must be labeled.

  • Bring my agenda book every day to School and keep it clean and in an orderly manner.

In moving around the School, I have to:

  • Follow the School’s traffic directions and respect “No Entry” signs.door

  • Walk beside the walls and not in the middle of the corridors.

  • Walk gently in corridors. Not to run, not to shout and not to push.

  • Speak in low tone.

  • Line up quietly and nicely.

the-toiletsIn using the toilets, I have to:

  • Express high level of hygiene when using the toilets.  Always go with my hygiene stuff.

  • Flush the toilet.

  • Wash my hands afterwards.

 While eating/drinking, I have to:

  • Say “بسم الله” before eating and “الحمد لله” after I finish.eating

  • Wash my hands before and after eating.

  • Sit at the table and do not run around.

  • Respect that eating is allowed only in the designated eating areas. I can’t take food up to the playground or to my class.

  • Speak in low tone.

  • Not to bring unhealthy/junk food to School (e.g. chips, fizzy drinks, all types of sweets, gum, …etc). I understand that unhealthy/Junk food will be confiscated.

prayingWhile praying, I have to:

  • Perform ablution.

  • Do not speak with my friends.

  • Respect that I am standing in front of Allah.

  • Girls should bring their “pray wear-إسدال”.

When I have a problem, I have to:problem

  • Report the problem to the teacher.

  • I can also seek help from the Principal’s office (only in my break time).

  • I should not leave my class and go anywhere, unless injured or in pain.

  • When I raise a problem, I need to come up with a solution.

When I need counselling, I have to:need-counselling

  • If I need counselling, advice or consultation on any issues (whether personal or School related issues), I can go to the Principal office who will escort me to the HD department (only in my break time). I should not leave my class and go anywhere under any circumstances.